WL Sportsman's Club Needs Volunteers

Wood Duck House Clean Out

MARCH 2nd — Sportsman's Club members and volunteers will meet on March 2nd, 10am at HF I & II beach, NE corner of the lake next to the dam. The Club has been putting out Wood Duck Houses for the last 15 to 20 years. There are currently just over 100 houses attached to trees around the lake. Each year a group of Club members go around the lake to check and log if any there were any hatched eggs, remove last year's wood chips and replace with new wood chips and repair any damage for the next season.

The Club needs at least 4 two men crews, 4-wheelers to get around lake, step ladders, cordless drills with Philips bit and a handful of wood screws in case one drops. Volunteers probably want a small hammer or screw driver to bang on the box in case there are some critters living in it. Bags of new wood chips will be provided. Approximately 100+ houses have been placed around the lake, so the more help the better.

Homeowners and neighbors should be aware that the club members crews will be out working on the boxes around the lake. Cook-out will follow hotdogs, chili, etc. For more information contact Dennis Gallo, gallo22223@aol.com


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