How long have you been in business? I started out as this being a hobby seven years ago. I Turned it in to a part time business five years ago and I enjoy seeing it grow.

Tell us a little bit about yourself Not only am I a small business owner, but I also work hard to enjoy life's surroundings. Seeing people having a good time,laughing, socializing,and dancing is one of life's favorite moments. To be a person who helps put this moment in time, in other peoples lives, and having pure fun from playing music. It's a wonderful thing to see and be apart of.

What is your business philosophy? My business Philosophy is; Work hard to play hard! Nothing in life is free and the things you want, are not just going to fall in your lap. You got to go out and get it. Work hard, follow the rules, and fight for your goals accomplishments as person and as a business owner. Know what's needed to move forward and build bigger. Don't steal, don't cheat, just be real and fair. People like you and your business better for it.

What services or skills do you offer? I offer music from the Oldies to today era of Pop,Pop Rock, Rock & Roll, some Hard Rock, some R. & B., Country, 80's hip hop, today's hip hop, and most of whats playing on today's commercial radio. If I don't have it. Request it weeks before the booking date and I can get it most of the time. I DJ Birthday party's, Graduations, Mixer's, Business Mixer, Special Events, Anniversary's, and Weddings. Pricing is the same for birthday party's and graduations. Pricing for all other packages vary. Must call for a quote. Packages come with choice of JBL 315 series: my lower grade loud speaker (1150 watts) P.A. system or The JBL 515 XT series. My louder loud speaker (1250 watts) P.A. system. each choice comes with a wireless mic and dance floor lighting rack that holds up to seven lights. Dance floor is not included nor available. Options: 5 lasers or 2 rotating rainbow mushroom lights; or you choose them all! More lighting options will be available soon. Upstage lighting is not included nor available at this time.

Pricing for Birthday's and Graduations are normally 250.00 dollars for a four hour show. Other DJ's charge from 100.00 to 120.00 dollars an hour and they add extra set up or gas fee's.Right now I'm knocking off 50.00 dollars from the original price and making it an even 200.00 dollars. With my service, there is no gas fee unless you live 25 miles or further. And there are no set up fee's! Set up and tear down takes about 30 minutes each way. I like to be an hour early just in case.

I serve the Chicago land area, McHenry County, and certain parts of WI. If you are 25 miles or more from Wonder Lake IL, there is a 15.00 dollar gas fee. If it 50 miles or more, it's 30 dollars. make scheduled house appointments or by phone call before your booking date. Making sure the customer has what they want before hand is a positive. I like to leave my clients with peace of mind, and worry free come booking date. Call 815-861-8183 ask for Eric or DJ Scooby and or message me on face book under (Eric Motyka) Lives in Wonder Lake. You don't have to friend me to send a message about booking me.

5609 Telegraph Road
Wonder Lake, IL 60097
Phone: 815-861-8183


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