McHenry Township Road District Launches Major Road Reconstruction Project

On August 9, 2017 the McHenry Township Road District began the reconstruction of 6 miles of road located in the Indian Ridge subdivision just outside of the Wonder Lake Village limits and within McHenry Township. This is the largest road reconstruction project ever undertaken by McHenry Township Road District and is estimated to cost over 5 million dollars. The project is the result of the cooperation and of several governmental and private entities. These agencies include the McHenry County Board, McHenry County Transportation Committee, McHenry County Division of Transportation, McHenry Township Road District, Indian Ridge Home Owners Association and the Village of Wonder Lake.

The project will include tree and vegetation removal, drainage improvements and road reconstruction for the entire 6 miles of roadway. The roadways West of East Wonder Lake Road will be completed during the 2017 construction season and the roadways East of East Wonder Lake Road will be completed during the 2018 construction season. The completion date is scheduled for the summer of 2018.

Mr. James Condon P.E., McHenry Township Highway Commissioner stated, “The Indian Ridge Home Owners Association have been requesting this project to be undertaken by the McHenry Township Road District for many years. The McHenry Township Road District has always been in support of this project but did not have the funding to complete such a costly project on our own.  The Indian Ridge Home Owners Association and I are grateful for all of the intergovernmental cooperation that has allowed this project to move forward.”

Once the project is complete, these roads will come into the McHenry Township Road District dedicated road system and all maintenance and snowplowing of these roads will fall under the Road District’s jurisdiction.

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