About McHenry Township

McHenry Township has been providing valuable, cost-effective services and programs in a financially responsible manner. The Township has partnered with municipalities, schools and non-for-profit agencies to insure access to services for residents of all ages. Please take this opportunity to look at the variety of services and programs being offered by the Township. A small government providing services for a population of approximately 49,000 residents.

McHenry Township Road District Services

  • Snowplow and apply ice control to all township roads
  • Maintain and repair roads, shoulders and ditches
  • Maintain and repair more than 900 warning and regulatory signs
  • Install and maintain culverts and guardrails
  • Stripe all main roads in township
  • Trim and remove trees that interfere with safe driving
  • Mow and grade along Township right-of-way
  • Remove trash, debris and dead animals from roadsides
  • Sweep up loose gravel and debris on township roads
  • Provide all street lighting on township roads
  • Issue permits for overweight and oversize vehicles
  • Issue permits for culvert installation at new construction sites
  • Inspect all new subdivision road construction
  • Help non-dedicated subdivisions bring their roads up to standards
  • Distribute MFT funds to non-dedicated subdivisions
  • Attend all new proposed subdivision plat review meetings for township
  • Collect Electronic Waste. (Fee for TVs/monitors/household batteries/ CFL bulbs/fluorescent tubes)
  • Brush Drop-Off and when available provide free wood chips
  • Shares the expense and helps maintain buses for McHenry Township Transportation Program

https://www.mchenrytownship.com/ or check them out on facebook https://www.facebook.com/mchenrytownship/

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