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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to supporting the growth and development of all businesses in Wonder Lake and our surrounding communities. Chamber membership serves as a vehicle to network with other businesses and citizens of our area. We also serve as a cohesive voice concerning matters that affect your business and the community.

Our Purpose

To create economic prosperity that grow your business and enrich our communities by facilitating community leadership.

Wonder Lake is a thriving community that surrounds it's namesake lake. Positive energy and camaraderie fuel the spirit of the region. Every day, people find new ways to take advantage of opportunities offered, to make something from nothing, to make their mark, to realize their dreams. At the center of this spirit is the Wonder Lake Chamber of Commerce.


Wonder Lake Chamber was formed January 31, 1956. It was formed to encourage trade in the area, and promote recreational facilities for children and adults, and to advance commercial and civic interests in community.

These are the values that guide our work and culture:

Provide Leadership

Collaborating with others, energized by common drive and passion.

Maintain Team Integrity 

Sharing a vision for the future and sharing the collective influence to make it happen


We measure our work and own our results. We work quickly, with an emphasis on quality and prioritization. We set clear goals and expectations, and we strive to exceed them.


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Business Hours

  • Tuesday: 10am to 3pm
  • Wednesday: 10am to 3pm
  • Thursday: 10am to 3pm