4th of July Committee Fundraising

Wonder Lake is proud to host it’s Patriotic Celebration activities (parade & fireworks show) on Saturday, June 30, 2018! (Mark your calendars & get those lawn chairs ready!)

In case you were not aware, the weekend is run 100% by volunteers, 100% on donations, and costs more than $20,000. Each firework rocket is a separate cost and those huge boomers run $2,000 each. For 2018, we really could use your help!

Time Assistance: Whether you have 1 hour or multiple hours available, we always need help! Examples of where time is needed:

  • 2 hours on a Saturday morning standing on a street corner collecting donations.
  • Help building the barge that the fireworks are shot off from on the lake.
  • Work an hour or two for the parade - stop traffic, hang signs, point people to the right places, etc.
  • Work an hour or two at the "Kids Zone" - sell tickets, run a game, pick-up trash, etc. o Etc.
  • ***Do you have teens with service hour requirements for high school, college, scouts or church groups? Humm...
  • Please contact Celeste Fuentes at chamber@wonderlake.org or by contacting Celeste at (815) 728-0682.

Financial Assistance: If you donated in the past, we cannot thank you enough and hope that you are planning on making the same or larger donation for 2018. If you have enjoyed the show but never donated, imagine what the event could be if you and every household doing the same thing put $10 (<$1 per month) into the pot?

To make a financial donation, please enclose a separate check made payable to "Wonder Lake 4th of July". If you prefer you may also mail a check to:


Note: The Wonder Lake 4th of July is a committee of the Wonder Lake Chamber of Commerce, an IRS Code Section 501(c)(6) organization. Please discuss any tax considerations regarding a 501(c)(6) with your tax adviser.

Donate Letter (PDF)